5th week

this is my fifth week in my new flat, and all things are almost settled down .... one box left to be wholly unpacked .... the walls are still empty (as if empty walls are something harmful) ..... the wall rack are finally hanging above my desk and also above the dressing-up mirror (thanking Y and his electric drill machine, I'm helpless without them) Really love the fact that my bedroom is 18 square meters .... I feels like inviting my girls to do some pajamas party every time girls-only time is needed. I just ordered a rug online (picture above) .... and soon gonna order a beanbag online, ah decorating my own sanctuary always makes me feel content (and the happiness kinda disappear when I check my bank account) A shoe rack supposed to come soon (omg how to not love Amazon) .... gonna add some pretty flowers and I guess I'm done with all the decoration thingy.

I had anyway a very nice nye celebration, simply a hilarious night ...
Have a nice Monday y'all.

ps : school is getting tense, I need to invest more time for school, sigh.

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