a life to remember

Someday when I'm too old and start to forget things, this list might be a reminder for moments in 2011. A life to remember.

Jan_ Nephew was born, met F - hail long lost Taurean sister
Feb_ Mega deadline, epic visit from Rennes. Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Strasbourg
Mar_ Bail out from a shitty relationship. Turkey, Madrid. Holiday with parents
Apr_ Lisbon, lost my Granddad. Milan. Visit from Manchester. School starts
May_ Turned 25. Appenzeller. Juggling school+work, accidentally met him
Jun_ Neither school nor I were sane. Bye part time job, enjoying summer
Jul_ School deadline - sleepless nights cuddled with Autocad, a new start with Y
Aug_ Three weeks summer work, Indonesia, Ied with family, Nikon D90
Sep_ Bandung, Stuttgart, Chicago, San Francisco, and officially homeless
Oct_ School starts again, flat hunting, addicted to my besties and baby bear
Nov_ Still homeless, also jobless, yet contended. Missed my cousins wedding
Dec_ New flat, new part time job, visiting P in Paris, busy cherishing my life

Alhamdulillah, thanking Allah, I feel overblessed for everything.
Happy new year y'all.

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