time-out and re-decor

since last month or so my daily life was controlled by my agenda, moving my ass from one place to another .... put my study on the top priority .... simply trying to be a perfectionist (but not the bitchy and skinny one, the nice one) Today is the first day after more than one month that my agenda is empty, yeah baby nothing to execute .... I cooked lunch and took a nap .... took shower around 5 pm and slowly doing some unimportant things. Taking a break never feels this good before.

pictures :
kinda re-decorating my room
new baby from urban outifitters, tea set
bday gift flower and the yellow one is from ikea
finally cuddling around with those fluffy blankets
new paper lampion (room re-decor) and pale like a cheese toes
weekly schedule that forces me to be in a relationship with headache

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