quiche leftover

cooked salmon broccoli prawn quiche for dinner last night, went to campus this morning, lost my voice thanks to heavy cough and wild weekend, went back home and ate dinners leftover, stayed in bedroom for hours in the afternoon, slowly but sure translating and typing a paper about Sumatra, sat in the living room this evening talking with the boys. An ordinary day is nice, not happy yet not unhappy, simply ordinary.

ps : don't mind the red dot, it's just chili sauce that I can't live without.

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2 Responses to “quiche leftover”

Adisty K said...

ah, so here's where to find you.... daku terharu kamu bisa masak, kalah lho aku...ini lagi ditinggal bidadariku alias babysitter, rumah berantakan!hihi

Dira Nrv. said...

yup here's where you could find me Dis, bukannya dah lama ya tau blog ini? Masak Quiche gampang kok asal bahan2nya lengkap... ngabisinnya itu yang susah soalnya kan satu loyang gede :D