turkey trip (photo) journal 1

due to my laziness here I am posting about my trip to Turkey
which was one month ago haha
day 1, took ferry from Asian side to European side
just walking around and took pics and observed the surroundings

back to my (couchsurfing) host's flat and took night bus to Izmir
day 2 arrived early in Izmir, checked in in random affordable hotel
another day as a tourist, took pics and walked around and round

day 3 took bus to Ephesus via Kusadasi and saw magnificent ancient ruins there

pardon my randomness, but oh I really wish I have a real travel partner
more pictures (and only a few sentences as usual) are coming
enjoy April everyone

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2 Responses to “turkey trip (photo) journal 1”

noddie said...

cool!!!! saya lah jd travel partnernya!! ngacung!

Dira Nrv. said...

kamu lulus seleksi, langsung ambil koper di gudang, packinggggg!! :*