little creature and fake plants

went to IKEA today with F .... she just moved into new apartment (less than 10 mins walking distance from my place, perfect!!) .... so she need many IKEA thingy supply, meanwhile I feel the need to buy unimportant things to decorate my place. I ended up with 3 fake plants (they looks so real) .... 1 real plant with yellow vase ..... tea pot .... cover for my blanket .... a set of storage box .... and coffee pads for Philips Senseo (please blame IKEA for offering household-unrelated items) Last Saturday in Strasbourg I also bought a plastic table cloth. And now this is how our living room looks like ....

say hello to Kenzie my nephew. I miss this little creature I want to meet him so bad. Turn out that missing someone that you've never met before is possible! Have a lalala weekend everyone.

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2 Responses to “little creature and fake plants”

Nard4Reynard said...

Pertamax! hehe
langsung ane subscribe... latar belakangnya ada jermannya sih... :P

Anonymous said...

such a warm living room kak! :)