juggling day and night

update.... or downdate, i should say ...
boaaaaahhhh I'm just tired tired tired .... all I did is pushing myself so hard to work on assignment and go out for party after that and followed by working again and partying again. I don't even know when did a day start ... when the sun rise ... or twelve o'clock midnight ... or when I have brunch .... or when I have lunch at 7 pm .... or when??

on Sunday noon the 30th my nephew was born, everyone were so happy back home .... he's so special .... a first son and also a first grandson for my parents. Call me exaggerating but I can feel the warm happiness though I'm too far away from home.

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2 Responses to “juggling day and night”

Audrey said...

That's fantastic. Congratulations on the special baby boy. And take it easy, girl. ;)

Dira Nrv. said...

Oh you're sooo right Audrey, take it easy! I will take your advice seriously ;)