silvester in der wg

silvester dinner

Burrito's ingredients

silvester dinner

silvester lach

super fein gestaltet

we threw big new year party in the flat attic ... it started with big burrito dinner (the two crazy flatmates ... their closest friends ... and me) .... followed by uncountable amount of beverages ... then came more guests .... followed by goofy dancing .... then came more guests .... followed by fireworks right on midnight .... then came some more guests .... before dawn we hit the town center ..... finally touch down in bed around half nine. All Saturday long we were dead, I don't drink but I got hangover too blame Pepsi (1st Jan is international hangover day, right?) On Sunday we managed to cleaned up the mess. Was heaps of fun. Let's get 2011 started!

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4 Responses to “silvester in der wg”

Anonymous said...

Alo Kak Dira!

Reading your blog always inspire me and gimme a chill somehow *in a good way no worries ;)* It just ... it looks like you really do your best *again, in a good way* and I kinda like it.

well, please keep writing kak Dira! I (do) love your posts.

Lina :)

Dira Nrv. said...

hai Lina,
haaaaa how could I inspire you, seriously? Feels like all I wrote is just daily things, far from inspirational-thingy. Tapi hehe makasih yaa.. *blushing
And I read your blog too.. ayo keep writing :)

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

happy new year dira! :):*

Anonymous said...

yes I am serious. meski tentang daily things, tapi gak ngebosenin kok kak. well, there's come one point in my life when everything seems so boring with no point but, reading yours reminds me that good things happen if you enjoy your own self. making the best of it. *gosh...stop me if I'm too philosophy kak dira! hehehe...

and whoa! you read my pieces? tht's very nice of you! means a lot to me...

anywaay, have a nice day in Stuttgart! *rite? ;p
Bonne Chance Kak Dira! :]