the real life 2010

I don't know who's been visiting/reading my blog and hence been avoiding to write something personal. But 2010 is almost over, I'll say goodbye properly to 2010 with this .... a personal writing.

2010 has been rough. You may only seen pretty picture ... or random quirky scenes from my daily life, but actually life hasn't been as sweet as photographs. I'm a student, and yes .... school haunt my days endlessly. There are days when I'm bored with classes .... nervous with extremely important exams ... crying in the bathroom because I was devastated with German grammar. I pushed myself so hard to keep determined, sometimes I don't even know how to switch my mind off. I'm such a skanky perfectionist ..... I even tired of being perfectionist but can't change the way I am. Besides, I'm not allowed to fail. This study is so damn expensive .... and disappointing my parents never crossed in my mind.

After more than one year living in Stuttgart, I'm really a pro with managing daily household chores. If you meet me two years ago, back then I can't cook .... my cookings taste like plastic flip flop .... I shrinked my fave sweater in washing machine .... grocery shopping means went into Supermarket and took some chocolate bars home ... I have no structure at all! Now I should say I handle things neatly, and I'm happy with it.
Résumé. Household chores is a simple thing, just do it.

Personal life has been rough, to be honest. There are days when things are dark .... just very dark. Then came blurry days. Then came foggy days. Then came a bit sunshine followed by heavy storm. At the end the end of the day we're both a bit tired .... but we're still holding each others hand. We walk slowly now ..... and every once in a while the bad weather comes hit us.
Résumé. We both know for sure we just have to keep walking and have faith.

I should say 2010 means a lot to me, many life-changing things happened (even my clothes size's is also changed) To make 2010 more special, I met so many new friends ... and some of them are just nice. It took me around almost a year to finally dare to be more open and spend more time with the flatmates & co ... and we're a happy family now, they call me the sober little sister.

the last guilty pleasure 2010, a cos skirt (I'm still the same me)
I think cos designs are always genius

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