turino and apperitivo

Excursion to Turin last week was greater than I expected. Very handsome Roman city ..... yummy affordable food, and I got the chance to know the fellow student better. And the résumé!

Day one : walked about 4 hours in the old town quartier ... we have about 20 "pit-stop" .... and each student has to explain the short history about one pit-stop. I got to explained about Puerta Nuova Central Station ..... and I had pizza for dinner (and what's the correlation anyway?!)

Day two : went to our design site, again walked for a couple hours. Did analysis workshop the following the afternoon, and closed the day with Italian buffet dinner in Piazza Savoia.

Day three : continued the workshop until noon, visited some Urban Revitalization projects site after lunchtime ..... and also visited Lingotto, the 500 meter long former FIAT factory. Dinner with our studio tutors and the professor until 23.30 (well it's worth it to gain weight in Italy, isn't it?)

Day four : we got free-schedule for Saturday. Stayed at the hotel and chat with him until lunchtime..... walked around the city center with my friends, crazily bought more souvenir in the market (can somebody tell me how can I get enough of cheese?) Had pizza again for dinner.... I'm not exaggerating but this time the pizza is exxxxtreemmmely gooodd! mamamiaaa!

Day five : went to Castello di Rivoli, the temperature was okay .... around 11ºC ..... yet very foggy. It was a fine visit, we got an interesting guided tour for about 2 hours. Catched the last flight back to Stuttgart via Munich .... and finally landed in my lovely messy flat around 23.

ps. booked ticket to Milan for Easter holiday, will meet up with my girls from Rennes and Manchester there. Italian cheese, wait for me .... I'll be back in 5 months!!!!

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3 Responses to “turino and apperitivo”

batari saraswati said...

pizza di italia seenak itu yaa, jadi inget eat pray love. envy hehe.

noddie said...

i thought u're kapok with milan. salam buat domi ya. eh wait, easter??????? what about ur girl here?? :(

Dira Nrv. said...

batari : ibarat rendang di resto padang, ada yang biasa tapi ada yang yummmmiyyy banget :)

noddie : ada milan design fair soalnya, sama rencana ke Florence. Liburan barengnya pas Easter soalnya. Update me ur plan please..