autunno and taurinorum

this year is my 3rd Fall season in Stuttgart, well .....

1. Assignments starting to stacks up, I'm thrilled!

2. Need to change part time job and save more money up (blame expensive architecture study ..... I swear I barely bought unnecessary clothes ..... well okay last item was a waterfall cardigan from Asos yayaya....)

3. Going to Turin next week for 5 days urban revitalization excursion .... and all I think about is which Pizza or Pasta I should order every lunch time (this time blame Eat Pray Love movie)

4. We are in love again with 'our' apartment! My housemates and I are rearranging our living room .... we have two cozy sofa right now, I added a bit woman touch with plants ..... while the other 3 guys put vodka bottles as decoration. We have a quality time now almost every single night .... laughed over silly things and drink tea.

5. Which shoes I should take to Turin? Should I bring 2 or 3 shoes??

see ya after Italy..

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3 Responses to “autunno and taurinorum”

claradevi said...

hello there!
thanks for the visits on my journal. it's fun to meet another blog-wanderer...
who got lots of wonderful photos on her blog!
i'll keep comin.

ps: thanks for the flickr-spelling correction, i barely notice that. :))


Nadia Rpamudita said...

hey such a nice blog! :) i loove your photos! seem to have a good life there hehe :)

Dira Nrv. said...

clara : ur welcome. I visited ur blog often, actually :)

nadia : thank youuu :) looks like someone in OZ have a great life too.