cupcakes and pizza

School has been going on for one week and I have difficulty choosing classes, there's way too many interesting lectures. Last night two sweet friends stayed at my place, we baked cupcake .... did girls-talk continuously .... ordered pizza at 01.00 am. For me a pajamas party with my best girls and good food is always great, bring bunches of joyful effects. Too bad my almost perfect weekend was a bit ruined, well .... long story short .... I should learn to have more patience.
Have a nice last week in October!

ps : 2010 flies seriously too fast, but at least I've painted a 2011 calendar.

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3 Responses to “cupcakes and pizza”

Anonymous said...

sempet amat di ngelukis kalender, bikinin dong.. ;p

jovita ayu liwanuru said...

have a great autumn dira :)

Dira Nrv. said...

pi : sempet dong hehe kan minggu pertama kuliah ga ngapa2in.

jovita : thanks :)