thunder and matter

Last night was worst. I came home right before midnight, was extremely tired after too much sport and heat. Thought that my weariness will help me fallen into sleep easily ... but I ended up talked to a good friend for a 911 situation until 3 o'clock (my friend's girlfriend was a bit pissed hihihi, sorry darling ;) Around 4 as I finally slept many ambulance was buzzing near my building, grrrh ... then comes around 6 the worst thing, thunder! A couple times, real gigantic ones .... and scary. Do you got the point what I actually want to share? I'm just jaded.

ps 1 : though i don't understand Italian, this song is really sweet. L'amore conta means love matters, if I'm not mistaken.
ps 2 : old pictures, when I was fatty yet utterly happy.

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noddie said...

i posted this beach too on my tumblr :) this one's for a quickie one.