cherry and cherish

hello Summer, everyone's been waiting for you ... but please be nice to us, more than 30º C is way too warm, and more than 37º C is kind of torture. One thing beside blue sky that makes summer pleasant is summer fruits. Grapes and cheries are perfectly sweet... eat them every single afternoon is just good. No, not only good ... a bliss.

ps. in the picture is Happy, my new baby from Giengen (German he is) and the black and white postcard is the only thing I brought back home from Vienna.

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2 Responses to “cherry and cherish”

Anonymous said...

sok imut deh situ beli2 teddy bear.. nggak ada yang dipeluk2 sih ya disanaa? *komentar super nyolot* :) :)

Dira Nrv. said...

iya biasalah labil hahaha.. awas yaa nanti kalo gw liat seekor boneka di Rennes :P