year 2009

for the sake of life memory, i feel the need to write down the 2009 highlight
jan : back to Indonesia
feb : my oldest brother tie the knot
mar : jogjakarta
apr : graduation
may : bali with the whole family
jun : portfolio + application document
jul : my best friend wedding in Surabaya
aug : acceptance letter came
sep : family time in my hometown, Idul Fitri
oct : packed life into 1 big suitcase and flew to Stuttgart
nov : move in to new apartment, start my course
dec : spain for 1.5 week

the fact that I didn't really occupied with architecture-related-activity on 2009 annoyed me - hiks hiks 2009 was the sank of my architecture skills year. In other side I couldn't say I made no progress on my "so called architecture career", I am on process now. Gotta start my study in the university as soon as I finish my horribly hard German course (and pass the TestDaF examination)

other things, I spent enough quality time with my family (hello jobless) ...... finally finished decorating my bedroom in Bandung (and leave it behind huhu) ...... and met my girls very very very often during 2009 ...... girls i miss you so bad ....... I want to repeat Summer 2007 please ...... or repeat high school era :(

I wishes everyone all the best in 2010..... and for myself, i really have to keep determined and make every single aspect of my life better. personal life? hmmm ..... i won't write anything about it here ....... it's called personal life because yes, it's personal :)

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4 Responses to “year 2009”

Anita said...

miss miss miss us too-yes PLEASE reDO the summer 2007, make it summer 2011 shall we? ;P

still funny remembering the same height we had at junior hi, and look at that picture!! huahahah, piss mamen.

btw, been thinking to write highlights like yours, jgn kaget my version would be more lebay, maklum, gw gtoh. haha

Triasputri said...

lets redo!!
edun gelaaaaaaaaaaaaaak..
aku kangen banget sama kalian!!
tapi aku seneng, aku masih bisa nangis ketemu detah kemaren...
that's what frenz r for!!
kalo ada kamu, pasti kamu bengong deh liat aku....

aku kangen dihinadina sama kalian, aku kangen kita suka ketawa ga puguh dan ngasih nickname buat hal-hal yg PENTENG BANGET dalam idup kita!!

sayang kalian cewe-cewe jeleeeeeek!!

Dira Nrv. said...

tah... detih kangen dihina hina tuh.
okey mau mulai dari mana.... bido... leduk... mang apan... LOL
miss you too.
kapan ya cita2 tour de asean kita kesampean?

Triasputri said...

enak aja mang apan!!
btw, tante ade dah resmi jadi aunty...tinggal kamu di yang blom resmi jadi aunty!!

kapan dunk, thailand, vietnam, filips, india, cinaa....
hehe...fokoke ASIA!