spain 3 / antequera

after Granada, we drove down to Costa del Sol and sleep for 1 night in Nerja. I barely saw the beach in Nerja ........ arrived there around 9 pm and continue the journey to Ronda via Antequera the next morning. After drove for about 1.5 hours from Nerja, we reached Antequera (my favorite white village) I can't explain much about Antequera's history and so on hehehehe ...... just let Mr.Wikipedia do his job.

neighbourhood on the hilltop, with Alcazaba as a background

the word derives from the Arabic word Al-casbah, a walled-fortification in a city

Spanish are genius when it comes to decorating inner court

I really had a good time in Antequera. We parked the rented car in basement public parking in the city center. From there we just walked walked and walked ........ following the "historic site" sign ...... until where reached the hilltop. Every single small hill in Andalusian's Village are really worth to climb ....... marvellous view from the top of the hill, always like that. Always baby, always.

the weather was blah

I can't get enough of this pueblos blancos view

confirmed, I really can't get enough of these white houses

no way, too cute neighbourhood

random courtyard near the city center

primadona of the day, putri salju ala Spanyol

After some historical walk, we walked down to city center ....... passing some friendly neighbourhood ...... buy almost 5 kg of Christmas sweets (rasanya kayak kue putri salju tapi pake almond, yummyyyy) ....... had tapas (we basically ate tapas everyday during the holiday, hehe) ..... and then drove up to the next destination : RONDA!

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3 Responses to “spain 3 / antequera”

ayu susanti aditya said...

hei, dira! are you an architecture? soo cool! keren2 ya desain interior rumah2 di spanyol! kalo gw paling suka rumah2 di spanyol, yunani, dan rumah2 yg bergaya western di amerika, i don't what the name. :)

Dira Nrv. said...

iya Ayu gw mahasiswa arsitektur. Rumah2 bergaya western apa ya istilahnya? haha lets say western american house :P

ChenTya said...

the photos u were taking are just greattttttt!!!! oh im starting to be ur fans! huhuhuhuhuu... sumpah keren2 deh