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I have to write that the best part of Granada beside Alhambra is my Hostel (El Granado). It's near from the city center, clean, cheap, breakfast included, newly renovated, and their staff are very very helpful. As I checked in, the receptionist (A Swedish man live in Spain because he's in love with Spanish woman) explained all the important things I need to know there in Granada. He explained briefly that Granada divided into 3 part : Moslem area, Jewish area, and Catholic area. He showed from which point in the city we could see a fantastic view. He even told us the trick to get a free tapas in a bar....

El Granado, best backpacker hostel i've ever visited

Albaicin neighbourhood

Nasrid Palace, Alhambra

Alhambra is exactly as beautiful as I imagined before. From my point of view- the Islamic Architecture is naturally beautiful. With symetrical plan and facade, broken-white marmor, water element in inner court, arabic writings caligraphy, colorful mozaic tiles, haaah too beautiful to be true. It's simply enchanting in a modest way. Too bad I didn't get the chance to see all the part of Alhambra, I skiped Generallife Garden- due to heavy rain.

Albaicin (was a Moslem area - and now kind of Gipsy area) is a hill near the Alhambra, you could see Granada's city center from there. Then comes the Catholic area - there you could find a Cathedral, shopping passage and souvenir kiosk.

view from Albaicin

caligraphy detail in Alhambra

view from Alhambra

a yummy yummy yummy cake with ice cream

The foods and tapas bar in Granada are grrrrreat. Only in Granada you could get a free tapas when you order a drink in a tapas bar during the happy hour. I ordered Coca Cola in first bar and get a free plate of Paella, then i hop to the next bar and ordered Orange Juice and get a free plate of Bocadillos. Each drink cost 1,90 Eur ...... so total 3,80 Eur for drinks and a delicious dinner :)
I would love to go back to Granada one day..... and bounce from one bar to another!

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l a r a s ;) said...

waa ganti template ya di.. bagus :)
senangnya menjelajah dunia truss..mauu huhuhu..

l a r a s ;) said...

oiyaa kmana ya kl mau ubah2 template blog..dr kmrn2 pgn ganti tapi ga nemu2 yg bagus..hehe..

Dira Nrv. said...

gw dapet dari sini Ras
tapi trus gw edit2 lagi contentnya, berpuluh2 kali sampe kusut.... :P

jane said...

beautiful photos! and thanks for visiting. un besito-jane

noddie said...

so it beats meininger huh?
huaaa always dreams to go to hills like albaicin.....................
def need to go south :'(

Dira Nrv. said...

@noddie: sorry baby Meininger is in rank nr 2 now. I need to go back to South too ..... shall we? :)