shoes and paycheck

i received my first pay check last week from this cleaning-work (happy happy yayaya)....... and then I bought a desk from Ebay ....... and still searching like crazy where I could buy a good-quality 140x200 spring bed for under 100 Euro (God, show me ur way) But slow but sure I have all the things I need, huh ..... move in to an empty apartment room without any single furniture is not easy. So far this is fun - hunting here and there for cheap furniture and room decorations .....

Winter are getting serious. I seriously wear a socks 24 hours a day - except when I'm taking a shower. Is it just me or is it really that cold? (or this old heater in my bedroom is really a garbage?) I treated my feet with something nice today ...... a real winter shoes, with waterproof leather, cozy warm wool inside, and anti slip soles. It's on sale and really robust as an outdoor shoes ..... but the bad news is, wearing those I look like a Dora ready to explore the jungle. Hihi it's always minus here, it's permitted to look ugly as long as you have a warm feet!

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