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my MP3 player keep playing Regina Spektor's songs and Kate Voegele's album and Ada Band's songs lately. This Monday is exactly my 6th Monday after my arrival in Germany. No problem with biological hour so far, in Bandung I always sneak in under my blanket around 3 or 4 am hehehe. After 1.5 months i finally get used with subtropical climate -ah yes of course it will get colder and colder and even more colder - but my body can resist better now. I keep praying that winter will treat me better this time.

I also get used to this free gym membership - rent a room in 5th floor without a lift is not bad at all for my healthiness LOL. So far I've experienced carried a rug, mirror, bulky blanket, table ..... lets say I transported everything's in my room from the ground floor to 5th floor. Ah ya i never want to rant anyway ..... compare to my life back in Indonesia, clear that I have to put more effort to have a balance life here. Daily-weekly-monthly never ending house chores .... grocery shopping ..... laundry ..... while concentrating on my study and fighting the unfriendly weather (if you know me personally, then you know how lame is my temperature resistance) I somehow happy to realize I really could live without 'pembantu' ........ despite the fact that they're inseparable for most Indonesian families.

Below are some random photos I've never uploaded before, a friend borrow my camera so I didn't have any new pictures to post.

wilhelma zoo, Stuttgart Sep 08

my Dad 1976's Vespa, Lampung Sep 09

random old building, Brugge Aug 08

petite chimes, Munich Juli 08

ps : i don't know who's actually stopped by in my blog, I could only see the number rising constantly on traffic hit counter. So ..... anyone out there who read-or maybe just see the pics without actually read, it will be cool if you drop drop drop me a lines :)

ps 2 : i'm in the mood to wear heels but I don't have any here, sad sad baby

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One Response to “random BW photos”

Anonymous said...

pembaca setia .. (soale tak feed) =)
asik keknya hidup lu di stuttgart =D