new sanctuary

noddie, upi, and others who may read this ..... here comes some pictures from the apartment, my so-called-home for the next couple years (hope not too long!) I shared the apartment with 2 german guy and 1 german girl. Nothing special about this apartment, just an old building, but located in a very strategic location. I fell in love at the first sight with this flat. One more thing we have in common : hmmm we all take a bath in the kitchen ..... literally ...... no kidding ....

the colorful kitchen desk

welcome to student-life (cheap apartment) .... shower in the kitchen!

the toilet door

access to the attic (tempat jemur baju hihi)

mini living room with grafiti and no TV

i can't get enough of pink and baby blue lately

even the toaster is "dressed up"

another cozy corner lol

Yesterday I receive a package from Indonesia, I asked my Mother to send me my sneakers ..... happy. Hufff, I miss my parents and my brothers so bad. And also my sis in law - who went under the knife yesterday (appendix) ..... get well soon.

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5 Responses to “new sanctuary”

Dedi said...

hehehe... si imut toto di pojok tempat tidur kasur angin kamu...

noddie said...

my fav part is the toilet LOL

what did u mean about "not so long"? thinking of moving?

Dira Nrv. said...

i'm thinking to finish my study asap (i have to i guess..)

Anonymous said...

asap?? you just got there! enjoy it while it lasts (and wait for me too) :p

Dira Nrv. said...

we'll see Pi, how many years i need to finish my study (oh, why i studying architecture AGAIN, why??)