undergraduate trip

Photos from day-trip to Heidelberg with friends. By coincidence I took picture of so many red things. You can see my cheek are getting more chubby, huh.

We work on this competition in the office -- an urban mixed-use project...... and finally I stay longer drawing in my desk, until around 18.30 on normal day and until 16.00 on Friday. Wish I could say yes when My Bos asked me to prolong my internship, but I couldn't. Is this what people called dilemma? Hhhh.

So I'm thinking about my next step lately. I need to graduate soon (laporan KP!!!) ....... I need C1 preparation course or DSH preparation course....... and I need pre or past graduation trip haha. Let's see...... Bali or Lombok will be great, my skin need tons of sunshine.......... Singapore will be perfect since I crave to visit Janna and Firhan.........and Mecca, hmm I want my holy trip with my family. other idea? and oh anyone please drag me to Karimun Jawa.......

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