2008 and 2009

So grateful for year 2008 that just passed.

Family are perfectly happy and okay, I'm gonna have a sister (in law) next month!
Friends, oh I'm sooo happy for both my best friend-they graduated on July..... while other close friends are continue study abroad.....found new love and engaged.... and get a proper job.

and me? oh I can't ask for more to God.
I traveled a lot. I start 2008 with 4 days road trip to Jogja and Solo.
Academic side, fine. Final project done. Internship in Germany almost done.
Love life? Well, what can I say...... I still haven't found the one....... but I'm not looking for Mr. Right-Now anyway. And other fact, feels like I'm being more and more picky each day. It is not wrong, is it?
Friendship. New friends here are wonderful.....

Last night I saw the most spectacular fireworks (in my life) with my friends............ I was so happy I ended up shed a bit tears. My crush is just fine after we hugged (new-years-hug)..... no side effect like sudden headache or puke, LOL.

Discover Robbie Williams!

the fireworks

2009 resolution : I actually have many goals to achieve.... but lets start from small things and from now, I'm gonna learn to make a tiramisu tomorrow.

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