upcoming and wedding

it's official.
my friends are getting married - soon.
by soon I mean, one friend on January, one friend on February, one friend on April, and one of my bestfriend getting engaged this December.
I'm excited to hear the news...... so happy for them....
when is my turn? haha...... no no no, I'm not ready to tie the knot yet.
and yesterday, as the upcoming wedding news spread...... I spent the last 2 hours in my internship office doing conference in messenger, 7 girls at a time...... hahahaha, total chaos.


puu_chan_theloligos : kangen semua juga...
puu_chan_theloligos : kuota minimal berapa dl
Moo deVilles : ahhh
puu_chan_theloligos : biar forum dimulai
phiev : yg jomblo angkat tangaann
phiev : hahaha
puu_chan_theloligos : itu thane
Moo deVilles : imo!!!!!
dnurviani : jomblo!!
puu_chan_theloligos : ~angkat tangan~
Moo deVilles : imo angkat tangan
phiev : imoboong!
phiev : g aoercaya
phiev : hahah
phiev: percaya
dnurviani : didi angkat tangan tinggiiiii
mira sumawijaya : imo dustaaa
mira sumawijaya : imo kann g pernah jomblo
mira sumawijaya : wkakaka
puu_chan_theloligos : thaneeeeeee
Moo deVilles : yey
Moo deVilles : taneee
Yahoo! Messenger : thanee_powerpuff_girl has joined the conference.
thanee_powerpuff_girl : ibu2
thanee_powerpuff_girl : ya ampyuuun
thanee_powerpuff_girl : kangen euy
mira sumawijaya : wkakakkakakka
mira sumawijaya: addduhhh
dnurviani : ahhh hepi nih
thanee_powerpuff_girl : ayo2
mira sumawijaya : kangennnn ma semuaa
thanee_powerpuff_girl : yang mau nikah tunjuk tangan
thanee_powerpuff_girl : hehehe
phiev : iyaa duhh hepiinihh
mira sumawijaya : hehhe...punten ka sadayan..,..saya nyalibb duluan
thanee_powerpuff_girl : siapa hepi??
thanee_powerpuff_girl : miraaa???
dnurviani : mauuuu...... tapi calonnya belum ada.....
thanee_powerpuff_girl : hehe
puu_chan_theloligos : ~saya, mauuuu tp belom ada yg mau di ajak nikah~
thanee_powerpuff_girl : gak bisa mir
phiev : hahaha
mira sumawijaya : wkakkaka
thanee_powerpuff_girl : kasi pelangkah dulu
thanee_powerpuff_girl : hahaha
phiev : hepigosip smkalian smua
phiev : hahah
phiev : iya deh mir


and the conversation above is just warming up.....hahaha. The bride-to-be was interogated...... and the we start talk about wedding ceremony, invitation, souvenir..... haha, it super was nice conference. My future husband, I don't know where are you know........ but I know I want this kind of invitation for our wedding........hehehe...

and please not this one....... LOL!

hmmm I'll upload photo from Isar in M√ľnchen soon if I'm not too lazy. I have to sleep because I can't wait for tomorrow - wanna wear my new baby pink tights......... and it's snowing outside, puurrrfect!

photos are from here, here, and here.

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2 Responses to “upcoming and wedding”

18november said...

huhuhu gw ga bisa conference gr2 YMnya di-uninstall ade gw :(

still can't believe our friends are getting engaged. and married. hiii!

d i r a said...

yasudahlah nanti kita conference lagi ya, cup cup.... :D

me too, I still can't believe it.... so when's our turn?