the Isar and bayern

München day 2. Went to Pinakothek Museum der Moderne. I realized something, yup..... all-white-interior again. They just like it.....or the interior designer afraid to improve on other color? I don't know...... all I know all-white-interior never goes wrong....

and this picture below is from exhibition called "multiple city". Too bad I didn't took the complete globe picture. The poster shown that Jakarta had 9,0 million inhabitants (at night), and Paris had the same number too. Meanwhile Tokyo-Yokohama is the city with the largest number of inhabitants, 35,0 million. Whew!

Still from the same exhibition- picture below is Sao Paulo, Brazil. Oh please don't say that Jakarta have the same condition...... or even worse. I'm not really familiar with Jakarta anyway, I live in Bandung since 1990. Anyway, I know where to find this ironic panorama in Bandung........ just go to Apartment Galery Ciumbuleuit .... and you'll see Sao Paulo. Huff, thank God they didn't really expose my beloved country in the exhibition .....

Let's see beautiful things. On Saturday night in München I had a nice typical Bavarian dinner, in a former Wine Cellar. I ate fish and potatoes (no choice, baby!)

My Boss finally back to office after 10 days business trip to Singapore. He said he's dying because of warm weather there......... meanwhile I'm dying here because of this goblok temperature hehehe. I'll post again soon, very soon. Have a nice counting-down-to-Xmas-holiday-come people!

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2 Responses to “the Isar and bayern”

Fakhrur said...

uh.. i never like german fish dishes.. you have to put so many lime, because it has no taste, so i know how your misery.. :p

keine Hahnchen, Puten oder Kalamari?

d i r a said...

all the dishes here have no taste ya ga sih.... secara gw selalu membandingkan dengan rendang, sambel goreng ati, hehe.

doch doch gibt's Hänchen oder Rindfleisch.