girl talk

i m looking now for some programms with international organizations - i know there are a lot for ny time, for example in slovakia, was very fun and quite acceptable in price
would be great if we could go together!!
but they release information a bit later, like, middle of october, not yet...

sounds interesting..
ill be waiting for ur info then..

ok)) and also think about doing some baltic tour!!
how are other things with you? new friends? how is with your bf? did he visit?

i sometimes hang out with my friends from the office
bf? hmm nothing special... i dont really miss him and i feel guilty about it
hows ur bf?

oh dear, i believe distances are not helpful for relationships...

yup its a bit hard but instead of contact him i make myself busy with my friends.. how egoistic i am..

mine is also ordinarily - i dont feel like it will be decisive for my future anymore
haha, dont feel guilty, its your life!!
i was also busy with stuff all that time, and i made a lot of artificial assumptions for myself - no, i have a boyfriend, i have to miss him, i m not allowed to have same fun as single girls...etc
when we met, and it was so usual and "everydayish", like we didnt have this time out at all! i felt dissappointment, like didnt meet expectations, of something...

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2 Responses to “girl talk”

noddie said...

i like the words "artificial assumptions". i guess almost everyone have felt that during their relationship, at least once in a while. it's not healthy, we know. but then.. how?
interesting girl talk dear..
jd inget, jd ur aming apakbr?

ms.nurviani said...

ya i guess that kind of feelings always 'pop-up' in a relationship. I'm in crossroads now dear, sigh...